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  1. Dear Team,
    I have downloaded your mob app and opened a demo ac No. 9495205467-Demo.., but I am unable to place any order as it is being rejected with a message “Margin settings not configured”.
    Appreciate if you could advise me the procedure to set up the margin and operate Demo A/c and later switch to actuak account.
    Regards, Sebastian.

  2. Dear Admin,
    I haven’t received any reply from your end about my query that how can I configure the margin setting to enable me to operate the Demo account.
    Regards, Sebastian.

  3. Hi Admin team,
    I am writing this note for some clarification. To day I have ordered some scrip including Petronet LN, order status shows that order has been “executed”. My understanding is that once the order has been executed, it should be appeared inthe “open position” bin. Am I right? but it is not appearing in the open bin.
    Please advise.
    Regards, Sebastian
    Demo ac: 9495205467

  4. Dear Team,
    Unable to place any order under Demo account as the message read as “Auto square off mode is on” . How can I change the mode. Please advise
    Sebastian Kuriakose

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