F6Online is an innovative product coming from the stables of F6, an established and hugely successful brokerage company with over 21 years’ experience dealing in stocks, currencies, and commodities. The innovative product offerings from F6Online not only bring trading in equities and commodities within the financial reach of the common man through a first-of-its-kind ‘Zero Brokerage’ product, but also empowers the lay man to practice and learn the art of trading through the in-house Mock Trading Championship (MTC), where users can do live intra-day trading on real market rates.

The company provides a refreshing new online trading portal for its customers, and extend the benefits and ease of this portal to an easy-to-use app that makes moving between laptop/PC and mobile devices a breeze. The app and the portal, in addition to letting customers make instant trades in the market, also updates them about happenings of the market and shares tips drawn from the wide experience of the parent company.

The Company

In a world where brokerage fees erode a huge part of profits of those trading in stocks, commodities, and currencies, F6Online, with its revolutionary new product, has made trading not only affordable but also easy to grasp and master. Launched by F6 Finserve, a market-leading conventional brokerage firm, F6Online lets users make unlimited trades in equities and commodities using the refreshing new online trading portal and app upon paying a nominal subscription fees. The portal design moves away from the otherwise drab black and blue screen one would associate with financial platforms, and gives users the opportunity to customize the portal any way they like so they can see the information they want at the exact place they want it in. These benefits and intuitive nature of this portal extend to the revolutionary app that makes moving between laptop/PC and mobile devices a breeze.

The App

Gone are the days when one had to be stuck to a computer monitor while waiting for share prices to move up or down. The app, available on both the Play Store and App Store, gives users all the tools they require to study the market and the power to make trades in a jiffy on their fingertips, making stock trading go truly mobile. The app provides in-depth analysis of the portfolio and other related information about users’ account with the company, therefore enabling them to make well-informed decisions so their risks are minimized and profits maximized. The app and the portal also update the users about happenings of the markets and shares tips drawn from the wide experience of the parent company.

Mock Trading Championship, another unique feature of the app, taps into the competitive spirit of people by giving them an opportunity to pit themselves against other users with top-ranked players of MTC standing a chance to win exciting prizes. While other mock trading tools in India give rates delayed by as much as one whole day, MTC is the only feature that provides players real-time, live market rates. Using the allotted virtual wallet of Rupees 10 Lakh, players make trades on a platform that closely mimics the real-world platform. For those who are not looking to compete, they can learn about different features of the portal and try various strategies or play out hunches that they are afraid to try in the real-world.

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